Platinum (2 Persons)

• Shampoo & Haircut
• Body Scrub
• Relax Massage
• Cryotherapy Facial
• Spa Hand & Feet Treatment

A luxurious package specifically designed for 2 people, so grooms can enjoy all the services along with their bride or best man. It combines all the treatments you will need prior to the important day, offering you amazing relaxation and a well-groomed look from head to toe! The package combines a body exfoliation, relaxing massage 55 ', spa manicure and pedicure, a facial treatment, a haircut and styling.

The best way to get started is with a facial treatment, so just let yourself into the hands of our experts and enjoy the experience. The cryotherapy treatment is a therapeutic procedure that achieves topical temperature reduction through the placement of cold pads on the face. This highly popular and effective facial treatment with proven results, renews the look of the face, prevents the formation of new wrinkles and leaves skin feeling softer, tighter and more elastic. Additionally, it fights existing acne, improves blood circulation and makes skin look healthier.

This gentle, rejuvenating but highly effective body exfoliation prepares the body for the beneficial massage, removes dead skin cells and makes rough body skin smoother, allowing the essential oils to penetrate better and hydrate, soften and nourish the skin in depth. It treats dryness effectively, restores elasticity, restores healthy skin appearance and texture and makes skin look tighter and brighter. Exfoliation is essential for men as well, and especially one a special day special like this. Enjoy a light, relaxing and stressful body massage with the essential oils of your choice that rejuvenate and nourish the skin. It relieves tension, oxygenates the muscles and strengthens the nervous system. A treatment suitable for everyone and ideal for gentle massage lovers that will revive and help you regain your lost energy, giving you physical, mental and spiritual peace and wellness.

Continue with a spa hand and feet treatment necessary for a well-groomed look on this day. The relaxing spa cares for tired hands, neglected nails and dehydrated skin, burdened daily with lots of activities. It begins with an aromatic exfoliation and a cold mint mask application that remove dead cells, eliminate toxins, activate the circulatory system and diminish the visible signs of aging, making hands look younger. The hand treatment is completed with specialized, healing, pressure massage up to the elbow that helps you eliminate stress and regain your lost energy, boosting your health and positive mood.

Additionally, the spa pedicure is a very enjoyable process that begins with a relaxing foot bath and an aromatic exfoliation, making feet feel softer. In continuation, the experienced hands of a specialist apply a relaxing cold mask with mint to activate the circulatory system. It continues with cuticle and nail shaping or clipping, transforming the appearance of your feet. The treatment is completed with a therapeutic pressure massage up to the knee. Complete this enjoyable experience with a detox exfoliating shampoo, a haircut and styling and you will truly feel ready, well-groomed and rested for this important day!

Do not forget that the services included in this package can be performed in the order of your preference, all on the same day or on different days, depending on the time you have at your disposal.

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