Peeling Shampoo & Haircut

The constant lack of time due to our fast-paced daily routines, often limits the time we spend on a proper hair wash at home and in addition with the use of non-suitable hair care products just because it’s easy or to simply create a desirable style, strains the hair and sculp even more.

So, even though it is important to devote time to wash hair properly, it is even more important to use the right products that will solve any problems we potentially encounter such as greasiness, dehydration, hair loss or flaking of the sculp. Our professionals will advise you on how to better treat your hair and what are the right products for your daily care and styling through a wide range of ORGANIC PURE CARE organic products with essential oils and healing action.

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  • Products & Hygiene: Following strict hygiene standards, our experienced professionals’ offer high quality services and products with special care, tailored to your needs, current fashion or specific occasion, improving your mood every day.