Medical Feet Treatment

Men's feet often need more intensive care since their skin is naturally rougher and more prone to dryness and cracking. This therapeutic pedicure offers specialized treatment ideal for individuals that suffer from painful calluses and hardening or thickening of the skin of toes or bottom of the feet. It alleviates pain and leaves feet looking healthier and well-groomed. The treatment begins with a warm, relaxing foot bath to soothe tired feet and soften skin and make the hard skin removal easier and more comfortable.

In continuation, the hands of a specialist perform a relaxing massage with special mint oil that helps to remove dead skin more effectively from the outer surfaces, around and under the nails. The therapeutic pedicure is completed with cuticle and nail shaping or clipping, leaving your feet looking healthier and well-groomed with an amazing, relaxing sensation. It is very important to apply this treatment at regular intervals (every 25-30 days) to prevent problems from getting worse which could in turn make the whole treatment painful.

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