Gift Certificate

Duration: 3 Months
The perfect last minute gift, of any amount of services and products you want from our range of services.

A Gift for every occasion: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Birthday. Ideal for the person who has everything.

Gift Card

Gift card: No expiration


What is a Gift Card or Voucher?
1. The perfect unique last minute gift.
2. Purchase of organic cosmetics.
Why Buy a Gift Card or Voucher?
1. Because it is completely personal.
2. Because it is easy to buy.
3. Because is it really a gift of experience.
How do I buy a Gift Voucher?

The purchasing process is simple:

1. Through an online purchase.
2. Through personal purchase.
What does a Gift Card or Voucher include?
1. A voucher with a serial number to be used to reserve the service.
2. A welfare card that accompanies the gift package.
3. Samples of cosmetics for personal use.
How do I offer a Gift Voucher?
1. You can offer it by hand, printing it yourself or you can take it from us as a gift-package.
2. A gift package can be sent by courier directly to the person you choose to gift.
3. Shipped by you electronically to the person you choose to gift.

In the first 2 cases, you can choose simple or luxurious packaging. (accompanied by flowers, chocolates, or accessories.)

How do I use a Gift Voucher?
1.Looking at all the services offered on our Website, you choose the service that you think suits your needs.
2. Confirming that it is indeed the most appropriate service for you, speaking with one of the appropriate persons in the reception or even the therapists.
How do I change a Gift Voucher?

You can change your Gift voucher by bringing it in person to the Quick Spa reception if the three-month term has not expired.You can also send it electronically from your own email address as well as your personal contact information (personal phone) so that we can easily arrange any possible preference.

Receiving the gift voucher we will email you a new voucher code, with the remaining three-month validity. With this process, if you want to choose a higher value service, you will have to pay the difference. The Gift Voucher can also be exchanged by the person who bought it for you.

How do I extend the duration of a Gift Voucher?
To extend the duration of the voucher, you will need to bring it personally to the reception before the day of its expiration so we can give you a new date.

Gift Certificate for every occassion

Mother's Day



Valentine's Day