Franchising constitutes a method of achieving enterprising growth, of well known or innovative businesses. It combines the size, the force and the safety of an organized network with initiative and effectiveness of independent businessmen. Franchising is an alliance of strategy between people with a common goal, to conquer the market and acquire more consumers than their competitors.
  • 1. Minimization of danger of failure of new enterprises because of the use of tried operational systems.
  • 2. Use of recognizable logos (brand name) from the consumers.
  • 3. Training of new businessmen and their personnel.
  • 4. Continuous support before and after the creation of the new Quick Spa on issues of Marketing and Sales.
  • 5. Exchange of ideas between franchiser and franchisee for better business.
  • 6. Increased purchasing force concerning the individual independent business.
  • 7. Larger profit margins.
  • 8. Wide recognition, prestige and reliability.
  • 9. Diachronicity of enterprise via the organized programs in all the areas.
  • 10. Excellent collaboration of new franchisees with the franchisor and long-lasting guarantee of investment and for the 2 sides.
With the franchise package that Quick Spa offers, each new associate acquires the rights of:
  • 1. Use of the Quick Spa logo.
  • 2. Exclusivity of region.
  • 3. Operating Manuals.
  • 4. Training Manuals.
  • 5. Training of personnel.
  • 6. Help in the search and selection of personnel.
  • 7. Effective advertising and organization of public relations.
  • 8. Programs of promotion of Quick Spa in a pancyprian scope.
  • 9. Help in the creation of promotional programs of local scope.
  • 10. Single price policy.
  • 11. Legal and tax consulting advice.
  • 12. Continuous briefing on the developments in the market.
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