Organic Pure Care products are the result of advanced research by innovative technologies. Every single product line contains high concentrations of pure essential oils, extracts from plants and flowers according to the most traditional and ancient techniques of collection. The high-quality therapeutic powers, the aromas, the colors that characterize each essence are kept in a natural way without the use of harmful chemical additives. Following the arc of the seasons and the ripening of plants, Organic Pure Care products may be subject to some slight variation of color and scent. For harmony and an end result that focuses on the person giving comfort, with only one an ally: Nature.

 Organic Pure Care offers complete lines of exclusive products dedicated to the beauty and care of hair and scalp. A concept developed in various ways from balanced formulations based on high quality plant extracts, to solve different types of problems and specific imbalances of skin and hair. A simple way to take care of yourself, made of small daily gestures. The individual compounds are prepared according to the principles of Nature, a blend of essential oils with beneficial properties. Pure essences with the sole purpose to cleanse, revitalize and moisturize your hair only through healthy ingredients, botanical-based, targeted by the effects.




Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs Ltd. is a company with professionally orientated know-how based on experience, which produces professional, organic, problem-solving cosmetics under the brand name of Ilcsi and Ilike, and provides a high level of training for beauticians consulting these products in order to help the natural treatment of psychological complexes and hindrances of people resulting from skin disorders.






The origin of Argan Oil and its beneficial use for the body and hair dates back to the 11th century when a famous Egyptian Doctor (Ali Ibn Radouane) was the first record it in official documents. This precious oil is derived from the Argan Tree (Argania Spirosa). One of the few surviving species of the tertiary era and dates back million years. The Argan is a widespread tree in the arid landscapes that are typical southwest Morocco despite the scarcity of water in the surface. This tree can reach up to 150 -200 years old.

The fruit that it produces is a green walnut sized berry. The fruits of the Argan tree are harvested in June and July. They are still collected manually, a process which is traditionally performed by native Berber woman. With 100kg of dry fruits you get about 65kg of kernels and form these only about 3 liters of oil will be extracted through 58 hours of a mechanical pressing process. Argan Oil is sometimes called desert gold as it contains many valuable and active substances such as Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Squalene, Vitamin A, essential fatty acids, omega 3 and omega , Beta-carotene.

These active ingredients are present in a very high doses and have the following properties: protective, regenerating, simulating, rejuvenating, moisturizing, help to promote collagen productio, fight free radicals protect against UV rays. The Argan Beauty line represents a breakthrough in innovative cosmetic technology for the most demanding customers. True pieces of sublime beauty that are now available to the professionals hairstylist who with their skillful hands will choose the right product to enhance the customer hair. Our Argan oil products like all our lines are designed to make hair softer, shinier, bright and full of vitality hydrating the hair and make it healthier.






Beauty shampoo for all hair types, but especially for dull, dry or brittle hair. Gently cleanses hair and scalp without adding weight so is suitable for  those who wash their hair often but need it to be soft and shiny without drying the scalp. Slowly releases a vanilla perfume.




De tangling conditioner maximum softness and silkiness which makes hair shiny and manageable and is suitable for everyday use. It does not leave hair feeling heavy it creates volume and texture. Shows its restructuring effect even with a few seconds styling. De tangles difficult to comb hair. Slowly releases a vanilla perfume.




Hair beauty Mask which softens the hair helping to improve for and shape. Makes hair healthier, shinier and also repair damaged hair. Detangles and adds strength and texture to hair fibers. Ideal for body wraps with or without heat source. Slowly releases vanilla perfume.




Inca Oil


Sancha Inchi Beauty Essence   

The Incas, the Andean population in the Amazon region of Peru, originally cultivated this plant in the region of Jiunin which, due to the environmental conditions, is one of the best areas for growing Sacha Inchi, the soil is soft and has a high content of minerals and nutrients. The Sacha Inchi seed, native to the Peruvian Amazon area, has been known more than a thousand years. Following the civilization of the Chancas, the Incas began to represent it in their pottery – a knowledge gained from that previous tribe. This oily seed is also known as the “ Mant of the Inca”. Current Scientific studies refer to Sacha Inchi oil as the best oil for its properties of unsaturated fatty acids. It grows at approximately 500 metes above the sea level on the slopes of the mountains, in the foothills of the Andes, in the Peruvian jingle in a place protected from excessive rain, flooding and high winds. It is a small plant with small hermaphroditic flowers that produce a green color when the plant is young brown when it matures, which generally has six lobules. With 100lg of lobules about a litre of oil can be produced, the precious “Oil of the Gods”. Being a natural product from organic cultivation. Inca oil comes from a cold press extraction process and is guaranteed. It is a most excellent natural oil for the health and beauty of the hair. Inca is an excellent natural cosmetic treatment that is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (about 93%) and with it outstanding quality surpasses all other oil substances used in the cosmetic world.




Silk Aloe Line




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