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Ilcsi’s philosophy is simple and natural. We believe that nature has a solution for every skin problem. Ilcsi professional organic cosmetics therefore are always made of fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables and spring waters, thus, they treat the skin with live active ingredients instead of extracts. The wide range of Ilcsi cosmetics are offered for those who prefer natural skincare solutions, free of side-effects. We respect all forms of life, therefore during the product development, we do not conduct any tests on animals and do not use materials extracted from animals of any kind. Simple thoughts – natural cosmetics.




Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs Ltd. is a company with professionally orientated know-how based on experience, which produces professional, organic, problem-solving cosmetics under the brand name of Ilcsi and Ilike, and provides a high level of training for beauticians consulting these products in order to help the natural treatment of psychological complexes and hindrances of people resulting from skin disorders.



ilcsi organic products 



Hungarian Quality Product Award 2014




  The Anti-ageing & Hyaluron product line received the Hungarian Quality Product Award!



Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs Ltd. has received the Hungarian Quality Product Award for the unique Anti-ageing & Hyaluron skincare product line that was introduced with great success this year. The awarding ceremony was held at the Hungarian Parliament on 3. September, 2014. This year 66 Hungarian products and services were rewarded with the Hungarian Quality Product Award. The focus of the 2014 Hungarian Quality Product award was innovation, creation of jobs and export activity.


The Hungarian Quality Product Award, which was organised for the 17th time, is a distinctive title acknowledging and rewarding Hungarian products, services and companies that put a special emphasis on producing the highest quality. The aim of the Hungarian Quality Product Award is to recognize and honour high-quality Hungarian products, that are sold in Hungary and abroad, and to promote a quality-conscious approach. The purpose of our Hungary’s most prestigious, voluntary certification system is to highlight the high-quality domestic products and services. 

“We are immensely pride that we received this great recognition for the third time this year. We believe that after the Rose Hip – and the Grape Stem Cell product lines, the Anti-ageing & Hyaluron products will also rightly have this distinctive mark.” – said Ferenc Molnár.

Anti-ageing & Hyaluron products:

  • Anti-ageing & Hyaluron Gel Mask
  • Anti-ageing & Hyaluron Serum
  • Anti-ageing & Hyaluron Moisturizer
  • Anti-ageing & Hyaluron Eye Contour Cream

Thanks to its unique organic herbal ingredients, Ilcsi’s Anti-ageing & Hyaluron product line regenerates the skin, while improving its firmness and elasticity, all in one step. The product line includes both high and low molecular sized herbal hyaluron in high concentrations that contribute to the overall skin rejuvenation. The higher sized molecules create a silky, protective film on the surface of the skin, sealing the moisture in the skin while protecting it from external factors. The smaller sized molecules can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, where due to its moisture-binding properties it internally fills the wrinkles.

Results: Ilcsi’s Anti-aging & Hyaluron products combine the wrinkle smoothing effects of the herbal ingredients with the efficiency of herbal hyaluronic acid, providing immediately visible results of smoother and firmer skin!

  • Our products are certified by BDIH.
  • The products do not contain synthetic preservatives, - fragrance, - colouring agents, or any animal- or mineral oil based ingredients.
  • Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs is committed against animal testing.










The Ilcsi / Ilike products are officially Hungarikums!

We would like to announce some wonderful news, on the 16th of May 2014 Dr Sándor Fazekas, Minister for Rural Development, declared that the Ilcsi / Ilike cosmetics are now considered official Hungarikum. 

Thanks to the wonderful geographical values of Hungary, its 1000-year-old herb, vegetable and fruit culture, and the work of my mother, Aunt Ilcsi and Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs the Hungarikum Committee classified the Ilcsi / Ilike professional natural cosmetics as Hungarikum by law. Naturally we would like to thank the Hungarian and international beautician society and their clients for their trust and commitment towards the Ilcsi / Ilike cosmetics that all contributed to this fantastic recognition. 


"A Hungarikum can only be an excellent national product, that has a remarkable, distinctive value, represents the outstanding performance of the Hungarian nation with its uniqueness, speciality and high quality, which is held nationally and internationally recognized and the Hungaricum Committee classifies Hungarikum.”


We will try to continue our work worthy of this recognition. Ferenc Molnár Owner, general manager



100% Nature now for 15 month!

Ever since its foundation Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs continually strives to achieve the highest quality their products represent.

For this reason the all the herbal ingredients are grown, harvested and processed manually, while using the most advanced technology in the manufacturing process. We are proud to announce, that to the delight of everyone, in maximum compliance with the requirements of BDIH and GMP, without adding additional preservatives, due solely to the development of production technology, the shelf life of our products has now increased to 15 months. 



Guaranteed organic quality at Ilcsi

This year Ilcsi joined one of the most well-known and reputable, exceptionally high standard organic controlling and certifying organization, Hungária Öko Garancia Kft as a partner, that now certifies the processing of the organic plants that are used in our products.

Guaranteed organic quality at Ilcsi Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs is fastidious when choosing the ingredients we use in our products. We believe that nature has an effective solution to every problem, so we are proud that, with the help of Aunt Ilcsi and nature, we created the unique Ilcsi professional natural cosmetics, the cosmetics of nature. Our products only contain the best quality organic ingredients – fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables -, and are made according to the strictest standards of natural cosmetics. We use over 100 different kinds of plants when producing our products, most of which are grown on our own organic plantation, whilst the rest are either bought from organic farms or collected in the wild. This year Ilcsi joined one of the most well-known and reputable, exceptionally high standard organic controlling and certifying organization, Hungária Öko Garancia Kft as a partner, that now certifies the processing of the organic plants that are used in our products.

Hungária Öko Garancia Kft. is the Hungarian subsidiary company of Austria’s leading certifying organization (Austria Bio Garantie), among its founders and owners are prominent Hungarian experts with decades of experience in this field, who have contributed in the development of Hungarian control system. Their main activity is organic farming, that is the inspection and certification of organic products, for which they have the licence from the National Food Chain Safety Office (their code number: HU-ÖKO-02), and the NAT-accreditation needed based on the EN 45011 standard concerning the certifying organizations. have the National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH) recognition)



GMP – guaranteed quality and safety

Since its establishment Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs Ltd makes every effort so that its products represent the highest possible quality. The satisfaction of the beauticians and their clients is a priority for us, therefore in 2013 we introduced the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) quality management system, so that the reliable and consistent quality of our products can be guaranteed even more. The GMP practice is now applied to the product development and the production processes as well.



BDIH Certified 2016

The Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs Ltd. has received the BDIH certificate, for its Ilcsi-Ilike organic cosmetics in 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016


Transparency for the Consumer

During the collection and production of raw materials, nature is to be disturbed as little as possible. Particular care to protect endangered species is mandated. Genetic manipulation and modification are rejected. The transformation of raw materials into cosmetics is to be accomplished with care and with few chemical processes.

Renewable and biodegradable materials are preferred because their ecological impact is substantially lower, especially when they come from controlled biological sources or other responsible means using natural resources. With natural ingredients, one deals with substances that have been used and studied for ages, so there is a minimal toxicity potential. Natural products most easily fulfill the requirement of accountability and socially responsible production.

The choice of technical production methods is limited. Technical methods cannot be fully eliminated especially when the user's expectations for purity and performance cannot be met by raw materials in their natural state. Environmentally-friendly production methods, renewable and biodegradable materials and minimal use of packaging are expected. The following guidelines define the concept of natural cosmetics in a sensible and clear manner, with the consumer's expectations of safe and ecologically sound products in mind. Guidelines

1. Raw materials obtained from plants

As far as possible, raw materials obtained from plants should be used from: - controlled biological cultivation, taking quality and availability into account, or - controlled biological wild collections

2. Animal Protection

- No animal testing may be performed or commissioned when end products are manufactured, developed or tested. - Raw materials that were not available on the market before 01.01.1998 may only be used if they have not been tested on animals. This does not include animal testing performed by third parties who neither were ordered/prompted by the ordering party to do so nor are associated to the ordering party by company law or by contract. - It is prohibited to use raw materials obtained from dead vertebrates (e.g. spermaceti, terrapin oil, mink oil, marmot fat, animal fats, animal collagen or living cells).

3. Raw materials obtained from minerals

The use of inorganic salts and raw materials obtained from minerals is generally permitted, except for those listed in point 5.

4. Raw materials with restricted use

For the production of natural cosmetics, it is permissible to use components which are extracted through hydrolysis, hydrogenation, esterification, transesterification or other crackings and condensations from the following natural materials: - fats, oils and waxes - lecithins - lanolin - monosaccharides, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides - proteins and lipoproteins The actual raw material use is regulated by the positive list for development and production of certified natural cosmetics.

5. Deliberate rejection of

- organic-synthetic dyes - synthetic fragrances - ethoxylated raw materials - silicones - paraffin and other petroleum products The criterion which determines which aromatic substances are permitted is mainly ISO 9235.

6. Preservation

To ensure that products are microbiologically safe, certain nature-identical preservatives are allowed in addition to natural preservatives. These are: - benzoic acid, its salts and ethylester - salicylic acid and its salts - sorbic acid and its salts - benzyl alcohol When these preservatives are used, products must be labelled “preserved with ... [name of preservative]”

7. No radioactive radiation

It is forbidden to disinfect organic raw materials and completed cosmetic products using radioactive radiation.

8. Certified Natural Cosmetics

A neutral control body checks that the above criteria are complied with. The association's label is used to indicate that the criteria have been complied with.

Further goals

Raw material requirements - traceable production using clear processes - education of consumers

Disapproval of genetic engineering Clear opposition to raw materials extracted from genetically modified plants or animals. As genetic engineering is a controversial issue in agriculture and is not justified ecologically, biological cultivation is supported and genetic engineering is actively rejected.

Ecological compatibility - only natural sources of raw materials, if possible certified by the EG-Bio-VO (EG regulation of ecological cultivation) - environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes - optimal degradability of raw materials and finished products - economical, environmentally-friendly and recyclable packaging - maintenance of natural life principles

Social compatibility - raw materials from fair trading and Third World projects - use and disposal - cooperation



Joy Prix de Beauté award 2011

Joy Magazine organized Prix de Beauté for the tenth time. Those exclusive beauty products could receive the crystal statue, that are available on the Hungarian market and that are unique in their class.


Joy Magazine organized Prix de Beauté for the tenth time. Those exclusive beauty products could receive the crystal statue, that are available on the Hungarian market and that are unique in their class. The jury was made up of well-known experts and celebrities, they chose this year’s best cosmetic products together with the readers of the magazine. We are very pleased to announce that this year Ilcsi’s Horse Chestnut Varicose Vein Cream has won the award of the Best professional body care product.


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