A relaxing dry massage without the use of any essential oils, that relieves back pain and reduces stress and anxiety. This massage relaxes the muscles and calms both, your body and spirit. It is strongly recommended for people that work long hours using computers or other.
Special healing head massage that improves memory, combats headaches, insomnia, but also helps with numerous skin and scalp disorders such as eczema, dermatitis of the scalp , dandruff and light neurological disorders.
Foot massage has been practiced for centuries, yet it is still very popular due to its undeniable therapeutic powers. More than 7,000 nerve endings in our feet are stimulated making foot massage very powerful and extremely pleasurable.


A full body treatment with essential oils that is both detoxifying and relaxing. The various massage techniques used in combination with the beneficial properties of essential oils make Relax Massage ideal for pain relief, control of blood pressure, relaxation of tired and stressed muscles, combating negative feelings and offer general physical and mental revitalization.
This traditional Thai floor massage allows the person to attain a true level a relaxation while the stress is being depleted from the muscles. Gentle pressure is used on energy lines in combination with yoga-like stretching that offers a deep, whole body relaxation.
During this Fusion Thai Massage with essential oils, the body is stretched, pushed and pulled into challenging positions that would be difficult to achieve without the assistance of the massage therapist. This massage highly improves flexibility and blood circulation while it relieves stiffness and pain for the ultimate relaxation and energy boost.
A unique experience for all the lovers of Traditional Thai massage. In this version of Traditional Thai massage the pressure is applied by the therapist using their feet and legs.
The therapist in the Royal Thai massage uses Herbal Ball compress techniques that offer a variety of health benefits such as relief from stress and fatigue, internal organ stimulation while it induces deep relaxation and promotes both emotional and physical well-being.


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