Ready to feel fresh and confident as you go about your day? Everyday make up should cover blemishes, define your bone structure, highlight your eyes without making you look overdone or vamped up, accentuate your overall looks and create a natural polished appearance.
Evening make up calls for a bit of drama. This is not the time to go au naturel. This is time for a bit of shimmer, targeted shades, eyes that "pop" and lips that seduce. But dressing up for the evening does not always mean reaching for the scarlet lipstick and black eye shadow. While evening make-up does demand different techniques from daytime, looking glamorous doesn’t involve putting on heavy colors with a trowel! Let your evening make up in the hands of our professional make up artists to create a sophisticated yet not over-made up look and you'll definitely look glamorous!
Add some more intensity to your evening make up with eyelash placement! Your eyes will pop out even more!



 At Quick Spa, our experienced and talented make-up artists focus on our clients’ needs & wants to create unique make up that will make any occasion a truly unforgettable experience! Whether day, evening, special or wedding make up and regardless of your skin type, our team can amplify your natural looks with long-lasting results that can withstand strong lights and overcome any unforeseen circumstances!


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