Shampoo & Haircut for Women

Hair is one of the most basic features of a woman and one of the first things one notices when they look at you. Not sure which haircut suits you best or you have a bunch to choose from? Always informed about the latest fashion trends and techniques, our professional stylists will suggest the perfect haircut to complete your look. Receive personalized suggestions based on the shape of your face, the quality and type of your hair, the current haircut as well as your personal style.

Also, prior to booking an appointment, it is important to make sure you are really ready for a haircut, have reasonable expectations and choose a haircut that suits your general lifestyle so you can better care for it on a daily basis. And do not forget, whether you choose a short or a long haircut, it is important to look after each look regularly and use the right products for a beautiful, healthy, natural and perfectly suitable result.

€29,00      30 Minutes


Tips before a Haircut