The care and treatment we offer to ourselves is no longer a luxury but a significant, essential need not only for our good looks but also for our health. Enjoy the service packages at the time of your convenience and save money.
Price: €115 ---- Duration: 1 Month

Shampoo & Set Short Hair X8

Shampoo & Set Long Hair X8

Price: €129 ---- Duration: 1 Month

INCA Reconstruction Hair Blend X4

Price: €153 ---- Duration: 1 Month

Any 4 Facials With ILCSI Products

Price: €180 ---- Duration: 3 Months

Relax Massage 55' X4

Price: €159 ---- Duration: 1 Month

Thai Fusion With Oil 85' X4

Price: €255 ---- Duration: 1 Month

Cellulite Treatments

8 Traditional Cellulite Massage 25’

Price: €197 ---- Duration: 4 Weeks

8 Deep Cellulite Massage with Peeling 45’

Price: €317 ---- Duration: 6 Weeks

12 Treatments (Total) of Combination After Consultation with therapist

Price: €428 ---- Duration: 6 - 8 Weeks
*The duration of each package needs to be observed within the specified timeframe for better results. Any service not utilized within the specified timeframe, cannot be transferred.
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