Nourishing Manicure New

A new, revolutionary manicure without the use of water, designed to offer complete care and an even higher level of hygiene. The treatment begins with the application of special gloves containing a high-quality, nutritional emulsion with 7 active ingredients, which strengthens and protects nails from fungi while deeply hydrating the skin. The gloves are removed with gentle massage followed by cuticle and nail shaping, using a disposable nail filer and pusher. A delightful experience, completed with the application of regular or semi-permanent varnish, giving you silky, glowing hands and tidy nails. Repetition of the service at regular intervals gives you a sense of freshness and even softer hands.

from €18,00      30 Minutes

  • Important Information
    Services: For beautiful, tidy nails at all times of your everyday life, re-application of regular varnish is recommended every 7 days and of semi-permanent every 15 days.

    Products & Hygiene: Our experienced professionals with special care and strict hygiene standards, offer high quality services and products, according to your needs, current fashion or special occasion, elevating your mood every day.