Lymphatic Massage

A powerful body massage made with specialized moves and pressures along the points that have the largest concentration of lymphatic vessels, the main goal being lymphatic decongestion and better elimination of toxins. A very effective treatment suitable for everyone and ideal for people with excess weight, as it reduces cellulite and swelling that occurs from topical fat accumulation and combats fluid retention. Additionally, it helps with metabolism disorders caused by poor diet, decreased water intake and sedentary life. It strengthens the immune system and stimulates circulation, giving you a sense of wellness and rejuvenation.

For better, more visible results, frequent repetitions are essential, at least 1-2 times a month, while it is very important to let your therapist know if you have any health problems.

€53,00      55 Minutes

  • Important Health Measures

    - You should not go to your massage appointment with a full stomach.

    - It is important to inform your therapist about any allergies, dermatological or health problems you might be experiencing.

    - Massage application is not recommended to people with high blood pressure, heart disease, allergies or any other serious illness. In such cases, please consult with your doctor before making an appointment.

    - Massages or other treatments that use intense movements or pressures and include the use of essential oils or non-specialized products are not indicated during pregnancy.