Long Lasting Pedicure

The semi-permanent pedicure has become women’s favourite and not unfairly so, since it is much more durable than a regular pedicure. With a lifespan of 2 to 3 weeks, semi-permanent pedicure gives you the opportunity to enjoy a regular pedicure treatment and enjoy beautiful, tidy toe nails for much longer. The service begins with cuticle and toe nail shaping or clipping and after choosing your favourite colour, it is applied like a regular varnish with each layer drying under special LED lamps. In some cases, the drying process under the LED lamps may cause light, instant pain or discomfort to toe nails.

It is important to know that the duration of the semi-permanent pedicure depends on the natural state of your nails, even on the colour you will choose. If your toe nails are oily, fragile, have streaks or peel easily, look for the cause and deal with the problem before making an appointment for a semi-permanent pedicure, otherwise the result will not last as long as expected.

Semi-permanent pedicure removal is simple, easy and does not damage the toe nails if the proper procedure is applied. The appropriate time that the toe nails rest on a cotton cloth with nail varnish remover is very important, so that the semi-permanent varnish can be easily removed without damaging the toe nails. You should never remove the semi-permanent pedicure by pulling it, peeling it off, or by occasionally tearing off pieces, because when it's completely removed, your toe nails will be more distressed, thin and brittle than ever before.

We recommend that as convenient as semi-permanent pedicure might be, to try intermittently to leave your toe nails without it for 1-2 weeks so that they can rest and repair any damage they may have suffered. During this time, take care of the cuticles that are dehydrated due to the longer intervals between semi-permanent pedicure applications, softening them daily with specialized nutritional products.

€33,00      55 Minutes

  • Important Information
    Services: For beautiful, tidy nails at all times of your everyday life, re-application of regular varnish is recommended every 7 days and of semi-permanent every 15 days.

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