Hair suffers daily from sun exposure, hair dyes or other chemical processes and frequent hair drying. Hair becomes frizzy, less elastic and prone to breaking, making it hard for you to grow hair longer. The problem is more intense in wavy or curly hair, that suffer from even more frequent drying and straightening.

Keratin is a natural protein already present in hair, nails and skin. Small keratin molecules sit on the hair as a protective veil and improve the physical properties, therefore this specific keratin treatment works also as a hair restoration and reconstruction therapy. The impeccable results of this keratin therapy are a combination of our specialized technical training and high quality completely natural products, with no chemicals that damage hair.

Put an end to frizzy, dry and untamed hair! Now, this ideal solution that the unique KERASPA keratin therapy offers, not only straightens and tames hair for 4 whole months but also nourishes, rebuilds, moisturizes and gives shine and silky texture, even to the extremely damaged hair. The secret of this therapy is hidden in keratin protein, which combined with the extract of Brazilian acai and guarana fruits, offers truly unbelievable results even to very wavy or curly hair, helping them to grow faster. Although KERASPA therapy is based on natural ingredients, the effects last up to 4 months, as with any other keratin treatment that contains harmful chemicals for the hair and body. Since the results of the treatment are not permanent and washing the hair slowly reinstates its original form, it is necessary to repeat it. And do not forget, if you use the right products at home, the results of the treatment will last to the maximum.

KERASPA can be removed on the same day that it is applied and you can leave the hair salon groomed and styled, without having to wait for 3 days as with other treatments. Also, the roots do not appear heavy or glued together, but rather light with a natural volume and unlike with other keratin treatments, the hair colour does not fade and blond hair does not end up with a yellowish tint.

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*The price of the service is indicative and may vary accordingly based on the needs and requests of the customer.
  • What makes Keraspa the best?

    • It is the unique treatment of keratin that not only straightens and disciplines the hair but at the same time it nourishes, reconstructs and gives impressive glow to even the most damaged hair. This helps them to grow faster.
    • You can take it off on the same day, at the end of its implementation, with the result that we can leave from the hairdresser, bathed and combed, without having to wait for 3 days until the next wash as with other treatments. Also, the roots are not heavy and glued but have a natural volume. If we want, we can dye or style hair immediately, in whatever way we choose.
    • Counter to other therapies, does not affect or fade the colour, while the blond hair does not turn yellow.
    • Although Keraspa is based on natural ingredients, its effects last for 4 months, same as other treatments that contain chemicals and harmful elements for the body and the hair.