Face Massage

Lymphatic massage is performed with specialized movements, stimulating the skin tissue, muscle mass and the cells of the face and neck that are responsible for the youthful and healthy appearance of the skin. Rejuvenates, tightens and restores skin appearance while reducing dark circles, making it look fresher, firmer and brighter. A very effective treatment suitable for all ages but especially for mature, tired skin. Generally skin loose’s its density over time, gradually thinning and drooping.

It is recommended once a week to ages under 40 and to over 40, especially during periods of hormonal imbalance, 3 times a week for better, more visible results. Lymphatic massage can sometimes be painful and sensitive skins may temporarily turn reddish, which is quickly eliminated with the application of specialized products. After this treatment, we highly recommend the application of a specialized cold mask for extra tightening and more energy.

€29,00      25 Minutes

  • Important Health Measures

    - You should not go to your massage appointment with a full stomach.

    - It is important to inform your therapist about any allergies, dermatological or health problems you might be experiencing.

    - Massage application is not recommended to people with high blood pressure, heart disease, allergies or any other serious illness. In such cases, please consult with your doctor before making an appointment.

    - Massages or other treatments that use intense movements or pressures and include the use of essential oils or non-specialized products are not indicated during pregnancy.