Corporate Packages

Corporate Daily Care

Price: €1.950
This package gives you the opportunity to give a truly unforgettable experience to your employees, offering them a different care break at your own premises. Specialized therapists from Thailand and Bali provide individual massage offering your personnel a relaxing, rejuvenating experience and a refreshed, more joyful mood.

Package Benefits

Corporate Prepaid Success

Duration: 3 Months - Price: € 2,900
This package gives you the opportunity to reward each employee individually, by offering him or her a personalized Gift Voucher with the amount or the specific care services you want. You can choose any of our three different, harmoniously designed wellness places,
Quick Spa
Hamam Omerye
Dessange Paris.

Package Benefits

Each year many productive hours are lost as a result of stress. Two out of three medical visits are related to stress issues. We spend most of our lives at work so whatever happens in the work environment is vital for our health and our well-being. The Head massage is suited to a corporate environment because it is flexible and the worker does not need to be undressed.
Corporate Massage
What is a corporate massage
A quick 20’ massage offered at your establishments, on a dressed individuals.
Health benefits of massage
Calms the nervous system, reducing stress and tension.
Improves muscle elasticity and range of motion.
Increases blood flow.
Revitalizes the body and the spirit.
Benefits for the work place
Corporate massage gives companies the opportunity to reduce work-related stressors for their employees and enjoy a better work environment with an increased productivity and a reduced absenteeism.
At Quick Spa, we consider it our duty and mission to improve peoples’ quality of life through physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. We designed our Corporate Packages and Massages to promote health & wellness at the work place and we encourage companies to invest in creating a healthier
work environment for their employees. Additionally, we offer an extensive array of tailor-made services designed to facilitate each company’s specific requirements and objectives. Just contact us and we will design the perfect package based on your company needs.
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