After Sun Soothing

A special body treatment that is recommended after irritation caused by excessive or frequent sun exposure, which most of us continue to do despite frequent warnings by doctors about the harmful effects it has on our skin. The treatment begins with cleansing using a special mineral concentrate soap that restores skin’s natural pH balance. It continues with a 5’ soothing peeling to calm the skin and remove dead cells. For deep hydration, the body is wrapped for 20 'with the most suitable mask according to your skin needs and type. The Rosehip or Rose Petal Toner mask is removed and the treatment is completed with a 30’ relaxing massage using moisturizing oils, restoring the skin’s natural shine.

Of course, it is important not to forget that prevention is the best protection for our skin and in a country like Cyprus, where the sun shines strong all year round, the most basic and simple thing we all need to do, is to use sunscreen and other suitable products (depending on our skin type), each day, every day of the year.

Some of the award-winning, ILCSI organic products we offer for your home daily care are: Tomato Face & Body Cream, rich in antioxidants, lycopene and beta-carotene to protect and properly prepare the skin before sun exposure. Rose Petal Body Lotion, which offers plenty of hydration and soothes the skin. After Sun Body Lotion, which rejuvenates, moisturizes and regenerates the skin while healing the damages cause by excessive and frequent sun exposure.

from €55,00      55 Minutes

  • Important Information
    It is very important to inform your therapist about any allergies, health or dermatological problems that you might be facing.