This organic body scrub exfoliates the skin while it strengthens the body and improves vitality and blood-circulation. A more youthful looking skin prevails that feels smooth and silky. Choose the body scrub that best meets your personal needs: Lavender for relaxation or Lemongrass for energy. Combine this Energizing Body Scrub with any kind of massage (55') for absolute relaxation, or with a Cellulite Reduction Massage (25') to improve skin appearance even further.


Cellulite is the result of bad blood circulation, liquid retention and peptic system congestion. Therefore, the goal of this cellulite reduction massage is to reduce or even eliminate the 'orange peel' appearance, by tearing and stretching of the fibrotic cords. Using only ILCSI organic products with paprika, the cellulite reduction massage improves blood circulation and aids the body to more effectively eliminate toxins in a natural and effective way.

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